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Why Network Experience Issues Can Destroy Your FCR

Published On: Wednesday 23rd August 2017

Which KPIs are your key priorities for your contact centre operations? Whether you're looking at Cost Per Call, Agent Occupancy, Call Transfer Rate or Average Handling Time, there's one KPI which is increasingly emerging as a crucial connection to all of them...and that's FCR. It's not just about making your customers happy, it's about taking an approach to experience management which serves to reduce escalations and improve a range of associated contact centre metrics at the same time. "SQM’s research shows that, for the average contact centre, a 1% improvement in FCR performance equals $286,000 in annual operational savings from the call volume reduction due to improving FCR." "FCR is More Than a Metric, it's an Operating Philosophy." Service Quality Measuring Group.

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CEM: "It's Time To See It As A Process...Not a Platform"

By Tom Staniland. Metricell Commercial Director

Published On: Wednesday 31st May 2017


 "Most CEM solutions fixate on what the customer is doing to the network... Metricell's approach is to look at what the network is doing to the customer." ~ Tom Staniland 


The notion of "Customer Experience" is reasonably new as a confirmed business objective, but one which has always been vital to customer attraction, loyalty and, in a perfect world, advocacy. With the advent of social media and mobile, delivering a truly differentiating cross-channel customer experience has become increasingly complicated. Years ago, a billboard or advertisement could manage product promotion and image, while the experience with the product hopefully lived up to the promises from the business and helped create a lasting relationship with the customer. 

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Understanding Subscriber Experience: A Crucial Differentiator for Middle Eastern Operators

By Mohamed Alami - Metricell Sales Manager for Middle East and North Africa

Published On: Friday 28th April 2017

The mobile economy in the Middle East and North Africa has been undergoing massive growth over the past few years. By mid-2016, the number of unique subscribers across the MENA region had grown to 339m, accounting for 60% of the total population (GSMA: The Mobile Economy 2016). As the market has grown, my discussions throughout 2017 have become increasingly dominated by the need to retain subscribers and continually enhance their service via an in-depth understanding of their experience with the network.

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Moving Towards Smarter CAPEX in an Age of Austerity

Published On: Friday 24th February 2017

Improve both capacity, coverage and quality: is the challenge delivered to operators around the world. Keeping-up with the increasing appetite for bandwidth stemming from both consumers and device proliferation has never been harder. The heterogeneous network means expansion in-line with demand is no longer straightforward. The bottom line is, as always, the bottom line: demand is rocketing, but the revenues are rising only slowly.

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The Mobile Network Service Revolution

Published On: Thursday, 08th December 2016

Did you know that the majority of calls coming into an operator's call centre are down to service issues that the subscriber is experiencing? With time-to-resolution a huge factor in a customer's perception of effective service provision, the current failings to address subscriber issues effectively is costing an estimated £1.6 billion in lost revenues for UK operators alone...

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