Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

Critically, the success of the Organisation is increasingly dependent upon mobile connectivity. As a result, Organisations are taking a proactive approach to ensuring their mobile quality. 

Typical questions we are asked:

  • Is the current Service Level Agreement being met?
  • What policies are in place to ensure a good mobile experience? 
  • Do we need to run tender for a new provider? 
  • If our contract with the Mobile Service Provider coming to an end, how has the quality been? 

By utilising our tools, corporations are able to monitor all data sessions and automatically detect which Sales Agents experience network issues. Network issues discovered can then be shared back to the Operator at the discretion of the Corporation, helping to improve the network. Ultimately, our tools provide an assurance of Mobile Service Quality which can be shared amongst employees to collect accurate, real-time network experience data, and accessed via our centralised web-based GUI. 

“The tool is exactly what we require in measuring the ‘customer’ experience on the network. We have had numerous complaints about certain areas and finally we are now in a position to expose the real experience of Voice and Data communications in our regions. I would most certainly recommend this application to other organisations that need to understand their network coverage as well as interact with their staff about service satisfaction.”  Leading Brewery, Telephony Manager (2015)


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