Network Sharing & Mergers

We provide a single view of multiple Operators, allowing network teams to understand all facts from the operational networks to derive an optimum merged/shared network.

Over the past 36 months the telecoms industry has witnessed an increasing trend for operators undertaking network merging and sharing activities, such as those in Austria, Germany, Ireland. A further wave of consolidation is predicted with speculation rife in the UK, France, India, USA and Nigeria about deals that will change the Mobile landscape. The key benefit to be achieved from these consolidations is cost saving through synergy. 

Metricell have unprecedented network consolidation and optimisation expertise playing the vital role as the “honest broker” in all major European merger/network sharing projects in the last decade, including the T-Mobile and Orange merger in the UK which is now achieving cost savings of €650million per year. We provide the software and service to support Operators at each step, from planning and implementation right through to operation. Our unique methodology has been tailored to deliver network integration across large, complex operational networks. In these client projects, our consulting services have delivered critically important strategic analysis which covers both technical and commercial KPIs.

Our tools have been used by Operators to monitor and understand the effects of site decommissions, for example EE have used this tool extensively to ensure their 31 million subscribers have been impacted as little as possible. 

We Can Deliver:

  • Data Warehouse – setup and delivery of an essential data warehouse across the project. This will capture key facts for both networks and a new optimum merged plan will be created
  • Strategic Analysis – full countrywide status of both Operators’: sites, Routes of Interest (ROIs), coverage, sub type and penetration rates, etc.
  • Inter Roaming Details – traffic 'sharing' between Public Land Mobile Networks (PLMNs), identify coverage holes/roaming locations, revenue benefits by area
  • Technology Planning – site list generation and ranking, transmission re-plan, consolidation plan, de-installation etc.
  • Marketing Essentials – consolidated subscribers, penetration rates, Average Revenue per User (ARPU), usage data, together with underlying market opportunity

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