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Metricell CEM: A Process...Not a Platform...

While many CEM solutions in the industry look at centralising a range of pre-existing data (such as CDRs and XDRs), we advocate an approach which focuses on utilising true experience data. Data derived from what subscribers are doing on the network can certainly be useful, but what they're experiencing is what 89% of marketers now see as the key differentiator and priority moving forwards. 


Our systemic approach to CEM places an emphasis on automated complaint handling, remote management and digital two-way communication between operator and subscriber. Customers experiencing a problem can search for live service information online via our Service Checker technology as well as report any problems. 


Traditional coverage checkers often serve to increase follow-up calls to the Service Centre instead of reduce them. The key is to more rapidly connect subscribers to the information you have already while using their queries to understand areas potentially in need of investigation. The data collected from Service Checker is then utilised operator-side to enable rapid, automated subscriber communication (and proactive diagnosis of) any issues while bringing positive value for KPIs such as PTC and FCR.



Alongside this we utilise white-label Apps (Native, APIs, SDKs), which are fully integrated with your OSS/BSS systems to collect Customer Experience Key Quality Indicators: Voice, Data, OTT Apps, Video, Signalling, SMS and more. By cross-correlating different datasets, we can automate root-cause analysis of App sourced data and customer complaints. Subscribers no longer have to call customer services – by the tap of a button, they are able to report any problems directly to a range of stakeholders from service teams to operations and maintenance. 


Through this “Self Care” approach, we can better-connect an Operator’s customers directly with the information they need by providing instant, customised, intelligent advice straight to the customers handset. Our solution reduces call centre load as subscribers receive detailed, automated responses every time they report a problem via our on-device agent. 


Operators can now understand why their customers are complaining and open up a real-time and transparent dialogue to deal with these issues via avenues subscribers prefer. This results in:


• Increased customer satisfaction & resolution times

• Reduce call centre load & technical investigation

• Enable a premium service differentiator


The Metricell CEM process is about generating data from crucial digital touchpoints and aggregating it with relevant network data as part of a larger system designed to reduce call centre strain and more rapidly supply subscribers with the information they need. If you're looking for true 'experience management', it's time to start thinking within the context of a process instead of a single platform.


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