Customer Experience Management

Customer Care

A proactive approach to customer care.

A recent Xerox report highlighted that 47% of customers who called their telecoms provider in the past year would have preferred other means of assistance but fell back on the traditional call centre, and 37% of consumers said they would have preferred a digital channel, such as virtual assistants or a webchat.

With Metricell, multiple customer care services can be unified within a single portal, thereby simplifying the process for subscribers and improving operator efficiencies. Subscribers are able to instantly find ways to get in contact with their service provider:

  • Report a Problem - including Bi-Directional, Two-way communication between the operator and subscriber – with operator prompted test commands. 
  • Self Care – reducing demand on front line and technical staff with fully automated diagnosis of network quality problems
  • Useful Numbers
  • Email Support
  • Live Chat
  • Forum Support
  • Request a Call Back
  • Feedback Surveys

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