Customer Experience Management

Whether shopping online or ordering fast food, customers are increasingly expecting real-time information regarding the status of what they're paying for. How quickly and accurately this information is communicated to them is rapidly becoming a crucial differentiator across a multitude of competitive markets and telecoms is no different.

When problems with mobile service occur, why leave customers with a potentially lengthy wait in a call centre queue to be informed about the current status of their network service? Considering the operator is likely to have this information already (whether it's a registered fault or possible disturbance from planned works taking place in the area) it can be communicated to the subscriber more efficiently.

This is where Metricell's Service Checker technology aims to make a difference. Utilising API integration for easy implementation onto an operator's website, Metricell's Service Checker acts as a one-stop web interface for network status queries. The subscriber inputs their location and is provided with live insight into the current network status of the area. Unlike many coverage checkers which can only provide predicted coverage, Metricell's approach means users can receive insight into both the expected 2/3/4G coverage and if any faults or works may be disrupting it.

This service portal also enables two-way communication by allowing subscribers to disagree with the reported results from the Service Checker, alerting the operator to a possible issue that they may not have been aware of before. This crowd-sourced approach to understanding network experience provides a whole new source of data for visualisation and manipulation within our SmartAgents software  which allows CSAs to quickly identify problem areas and more efficiently update customers about any problems. 

Pro-active customer experience management means putting information into the hands of your customers that can pre-empt them raising a support request. For example, if known site maintenance is taking place, why not tell the customer about it and manage their expectations.

  • Keep customers informed with on-device Quality of Service (QoS) testing and the latest coverage information
  • Let customers check the network’s 2G, 3G and 4G coverage at any location, on demand
  • Address crucial KPIs and metrics such as PTC, FCR and NPS
  • API integration into existing web real estate means all branding concerns are taken care of with quick and easy styling for specific brand needs.


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