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Benchmarking Services

We can offer a full turnkey benchmarking service that includes data collection, measurement system management, post-processing and full reporting.

An operator that understands user perceived Quality of Experience (QoE) and how it compares with the competition, gains a vital advantage. Metricell’s Benchmarking Services provides this QoE insight to leading wireless carriers and other organisations worldwide. 

Competitive measurement data is collected from drive testing, indoor and pedestrian measurements and static probes. Our specialists will work with you to plan and execute either a self-serve or benchmarking as a service solution.

Metricell’s award-winning geospatial intelligence and test and measurement tools can be utilised to gather very large comparative datasets at a fraction of the cost of traditional drive test units.  We can also utilise a client’s own legacy tools and systems from third party suppliers where required. 

Our projects normally offer a range of reports designed for different purposes and audiences. Typically a top level report concentrates on a Competitive Analysis where the key strengths and weaknesses amongst operators are identified along with priority areas for improvement. More detailed engineering reports may also be produced if required to support troubleshooting and optimization on the clients own network.

For in-depth network analysis on a single network we can then gather, combine and correlate performance data from other sources such as our customer care applications and OSS configuration.


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