In our experience working with telco engineers across the world, several key themes have consistently come up as barriers standing in the way of more efficient radio planning and optimisation. Drive testing fails to provide value for money, pace of RAN change is impossible to keep up with and prioritising engineering workload becomes more difficult as a result. Metricell’s SmartRAN takes aim at these issues by joining up datasets which have traditionally been silo’d within their departments and presenting them through an engineer-friendly interface.

By taking this information, such as service management, site/cell feeds and drive testing data, before aggregating it through our cloud-based approach, we can help to make data more actionable for those who need it. This assists the fast identification of network issues such as crossed sectors, missing neighbours and coverage 'not-spots.'

Consider the automated, ‘behind the scenes’ correlation of data from Metricell’s mobile quality agents with network configuration, parameter and coverage data.  By comparing geo-located field data with the network configuration data sets, our Smart algorithms can automatically determine:

  • Cells which appear to have crossed feeders
  •  Cells with overshooting coverage causing interference and reduced capacity
  •  Missing or unnecessary neighbour relationships
  •  ‘Sleeping’ or underperforming Cells.

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